About Dr. Iskandarani
Dr. Iskandarani is a gastroenterology/hepatology and consequently, specializing in taking care of patients with digestive system and liver disorders.
Dr. Iskandarani has undergone extensive training beyond medical school, which includes three years of training in Internal Medicine and four years of additional training in the subspecialty of Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist.
He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterologist. In addition he maintains his skills with continuous study, including intensive education updates and review courses.
Dr. Iskandarani is currently a consultant for the Miami V.A. Center of Liver Diseases and has served as Chief of Gastroenterogly at Parkway Regional Hospital and Cedars Medical Center.
Dr. Iskandarani is considered by fellow gastroenterologists and surgeons as a specialist in performing Therapeutic Endoscopy of the Billiary Tree. Dr. Iskandarani is a member of The Kiwanis of Key Biscayne and thru the Kiwanis he helps many charitable organizations with donations and patient care.
Our Office Administrator
Mayra Vide-Perez is the practice administrator. She will assist you with any questions regarding our practice and will be happy to make travel arrangements for those patients visiting our office from another city, state or country. She is available 24 hours a day and can be reached at 305.655.0673. After hours at 305.323.5228.
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